Jeanne Belmonte

Inspiration & Research

Inspiration & Research

Jeanne Belmonte is a management consultant and founder of Peace of Mind a Work workshops. She is motivated to help leaders strengthen organizations by restoring engagement and focus of associates through demonstrating a two-pronged approach that empowers individuals to better cope with their particular workplace challenge. 

She knows that no single approach is right for every individual, so participants have the opportunity to mindfully ground their go-to coping skills to their unique source of motivation. 

Before working as a management consultant and creating Peace of Mind at Work workshops, Jeanne served as an executive director of a private Catholic school and women support centers, a fundraising manager, and as a sales executive in a number of industries. In addition to education and nonprofits, she has worked with clients in healthcare, commercial real estate, finance, construction, federal government, and small business.

When not working, Jeanne has enjoyed taking improv acting classes, visiting historical sites and receiving golf lessons. She likes discovering new places during road-trips to visit family and friends. With a sense of humor, Jeanne gives a twist on an old saying: You can't choose your relatives or your coworkers. She has lived in Washington State, Texas and the met-NY area and currently resides in Northern Virginia. 


Inspiration & Research

Inspiration & Research

Inspiration & Research

Jeanne believes that solutions start from within. She understands that we can’t control others' actions, and sometimes our own thoughts and habits can drive us to distraction. But we can choose which coping skills to use to reduce personal stress and to prepare ourselves to re-engage constructively. 

She finds inspiration in Covey's classic The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People that highlights human dignity and honesty, Chapman's outline of practical steps to communicate appreciation in The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, and Martin’s international best-seller Story of a Soul that shows the benefits of applying profound respect at work. Jeanne highlights the wisdom of these leadership experts as they address common, interpersonal challenges and managerial situations that are much like our own.  

It's not surprising that the wisdom is supported by research studies found in the Journal of Business Ethics and American Journal of Health Promotions plus articles in the Harvard Business Review. 

Jeanne's goal is for each workshop participant to regain a sense of personal value and contribution as soon as possible after challenging experiences cause stress reactions. She founded Peace of Mind at Work workshops so we can all re-engage and create a better workplace together.

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