Customized Workshops


Our participants have said Peace of Mind at Work workshops are:

  • dynamic in pace and participation
  • grounded in real-life experiences (some of which are comical) and relevant research
  • practical in leading to applicable solutions 

Participants leave our sessions with new perspectives on their ability to contribute at work, strengthened coping skills and personalized plans enabling them to better sustain job satisfaction, performance and sense of well-being.

Communication Strategies for Leaders

Who should attend: Organizational leaders, new and experienced managers, and others in positions of leadership who have attended the Foundation Building Series.

Duration: 90 minutes  


Leaders can see when teams are collaborating and projects are getting done well. They can also see how production drops when staff is struggling with interpersonal challenges with peers or clients. Although we cannot control others’ actions, we can control which coping skills are used to regain a sense of well-being and focus on the task at hand. 

This overview workshop provides practical steps for leaders to mitigate the impact of challenges that come their way. Through case studies and exercises, participants leave the workshop better prepared to dialogue with staff who are dealing with relational and performance challenges, and equipped with coping skills to reduce stress and increase capacity for creative engagement.

Foundation Building Series

Who should attend: Staff and leadership. Specialized modules available.

Duration: The Foundation Building Series comprises two (2) 90-minute workshops. Additional modules include Creating Your  Personalized Two-pronged Approach and Communication Strategies for Leaders.


No matter our role at work, time spent with coworkers, associates and clients can be a real pleasure. Then there are those  situations from relatively minor irritations to subtle lack of respect to outright incivility that can cause us to lose our peace of mind, mentally check-out and have less job satisfaction to say the least. It is at those times when powerful coping skills can not only help us mitigate drop in engagement and regain a sense of well-being, they can also prepare us to better handle similar situations and to hold constructive conversations. 

This fundamental series equips leadership and staff to identify their personal source of motivation for implementing their coping skills leading to sustainable solutions. These workshops prepare participants for additional modules.

What each series covers:

  • Examining multiple case studies specifically chosen for leadership or team members based on the organization's unique goals
  • Reviewing scientific studies to provide evidence for the effectiveness of selected coping skills
  • Developing working definitions, practical understanding and applications of the two-pronged method: applying coping skills based on core principles and linking those skills to sustainable sources of motivation
  • Completing exercises and identifying personalized tactics 

Sustainability Reviews

Who should attend: Organizational leaders, managers, and others in positions of leadership

Duration: Sustainability Reviews comprise six (6) 60-minute meetings, one per month, following the final of two (2) Foundation Building seminars

This review process is designed to ensure the skills and solutions formed in the Foundation Building Series are long-lasting. Sustainability reviews include revisiting the initially stated challenge(s) and selected program content in light of immediate results. We will support leadership by answering these questions: “What do we think of those challenges now?” and “What will we continue to do?” In addition, we determine how outcomes will be measured going forward.